Postgraduate Courses

FAM4031S South African Public Rhetoric

credits: 24 at level 8.

Course convener

Dr Martha Evans

Entrance requirements

Acceptance for an Honours or Master’s programme. Note that this course will only be offered if enough students are registered for it.

Course outline

Political and public argumentation in South Africa. The rhetorical forms that characterise election campaigns. The forms of deliberation that characterise South African parliamentary and presidential rhetoric. The ways in which technology and the media alter public deliberation. Course content may be tailored to accommodate students’ professional needs if the class is not too large.

DP requirements

Regular attendance and remittance of work as set at inception of course.


Two research assignments of 4,000 words each. Each of these assignments count 45% of the final course work mark(s). The class presentation, based on one of the research assignments, counts for 10% of the final course work mark(s).