Third-year Academic Screening

1 Nov 2018 - 21:30


On Saturday 27 October 2018, third-year CFMS film productions were screened at the New Lecture Theatre, UCT Upper Campus.

The audience had the opportunity to watch six short movies offering compelling narratives:

• Wrapped Up is a two-part feminist film that explores the intricacies and complications of friendship in relation to racial tension. Naledi and Lola have been best friends since forever, but now things are starting to change. 

 In Isolation is a short film about the effects of mental illness in relation to black masculinity.

 Atlantis: 5 years since day zero hit the Western Cape and two millennials must face the challenges of surviving in a barren Cape Flats or become a part of the wasteland.

 Comet is a children’s short film that explores the pivotal moment in a young girl’s life when she chooses to let go of her imaginary friend.

•. Nomvula is South Africa’s first creature film - it follows the story of a young girl and her relationship with a mysterious creature that lives in the dark corners of an abandoned warehouse.

• Sonrotse/Sun Rocks tells the story of Nina’s disillusionment from her conservative Afrikaans upbringing following her ‘beloved’ grandmother’s death.