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Staff supervision topics

Supervision topics

Associate Prof Lesley Marx

  • Adaptation (incl. novels, plays, history, biography and the city)
  • Girlhood
  • Actors and acting
  • Melodrama
  • Fantasy (incl. gothic and magical realism)

Dr Ian-Malcolm Rijsdijk

  • South African film
  • Film and environment
  • Environmental documentary
  • Terrence Malick
  • Film Noir

Dr Martha Evans

  • Political transition and the media
  • The history of the media in South Africa
  • Live broadcasting and media events theory
  • The ethics of narrative literary journalism
  • Creative projects: Print journalism

Associate Prof Marion Walton

  • Children, youth and digital media;
  • Social and mobile media;
  • Game studies;
  • Search and algorithmic culture, political economy of new media;
  • ICT for development (education/literacy);
  • Creative projects: Web, mobile, social media mashups, data journalism

Preferred research methods
Ethnography, Discourse, Multimodal and/or visual analysis, Social network analysis

Criteria for potential students

  1. FAM2009S, FAM3007F & FAM3008S OR equivalent background (e.g. New Media training or programming experience, esp for Creative projects) OR
  2. Social media elective

Prof Adam Haupt

  • Critical race theory & gender politics
  • Hip-hop
  • Counterculture & youth culture/s
  • Intellectual property rights, culture & technology
  • Critiques of corporate globalisation
  • Political economy of the media / social media

Associate Prof Martin Botha

  • South African/African cinema
  • Cinema and marginality
  • The representation of gays / lesbians in cinema
  • Queer Theory

Associate Prof Tanja Bosch

  • Youth / children & identity
  • Radio studies
  • Community media
  • Media & conflict
  • Media and gender
  • Social media

Dr Alexia Smit

  • Postfeminist television
  • South African television
  • Transnational television
  • Theories of affect
  • Television narrative

Emeritus Prof Ian Glenn

  • Afropessimism in the media
  • Political advertising and political communication, with a particular focus on Southern Africa
  • Nature media, with a particular focus on wildlife documentaries
  • Trials and the media in South Africa

Prof Herman Wasserman

  • Disinformation
  • Media Ethics
  • Media and Geopolitics
  • Media, conflict and democratisation 

Associate Prof Musa Ndlovu

  • Media globalisation / regionalisation / internationalisation
  • Youth and news media
  • South African media and public sphere
  • Political communication (journalism, marketing and branding)

Associate Prof Wallace Chuma

  • Media policy and media regulation
  • The politics of media framing and representation
  • Political communication
  • Political economy of the media in Africa

Dr Liani Maasdorp

  • Documentary film
  • Editing
  • Self-reflexivity
  • Community engagement video/film training
  • Film training using in-service learning, experiential learning, collaborative learning

Dr Ron Irwin

  • Brand Management
  • Marketing and the Media
  • Creative Writing
  • Creative Nonfiction
  • Centre for Film and Media Internships

Dr Litheko Modisane

  • South African film, television and the public sphere
  • History of South African film and television
  • Topics in African cinema: e.g. violence, trauma and decolonization
  • Television and intersectionality
  • Representations of Black Identity in cinema and television
  • Constructions of whiteness in cinema and television
  • Cinema in the African diaspora
  • Black masculinity in cinema
  • Representations of Mandela in cinema and television
  • Documentary film: South African and Western