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Saara Mowlana

Alumni Profile: Saara Mowlana


Saara enjoys finding ways to make her work both informative and enjoyable. Her greatest passions lie in the arts- in all of its forms- visual or textual. She graduated in 2017 with a BA Honours in Media, Theory & Practice and has started an internship with Media24 as part of’s travel division: Traveller24. She hopes to continue in this field and indulge her creative writing side more. She hopes to one day publish a fictional book. She shares that she has definitely gained a lot of skills from her degree- particularly through the production and interactive courses which required students to navigate producing content for blogs or building webpages from scratch. She says that her time at UCT taught her how to quickly pick up new skills and learn new techniques. She says “my fondest memory would be the people I got to meet and the awesome projects that allowed me the space to collaborate with some of them. The people you're studying with now are essentially going to be your colleagues or peers in the working world - whether closely linked or not and seeing their growth since University - whether it's seeing their names in bylines or an ad for their music on Apple music - it's truly a surreal experience. So network and make friends with these people now while you can - it can be a great base from which to propel yourself up in the corporate or working world”.


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