"There's Still Good" screening at Our City Film Project

3 Nov 2017 - 10:30


One of CFMS's 2016 graduate short films, "There's Still Good" written and directed by Ciaran R. Maidwell, will be screening at this year's LGBT- themed "Our City Film Project." The film is focalised through Will, a young black student who travels to the suburbs of Cape Town to meet his white boyfriend’s mother. It is a film about the danger of a single story, about how stereotypes can be damaging to personal relationships, especially in a post-apartheid, South African context.

On 18-19 November, in partnership with Ster-Kinekor Cinema Nouveau and Goethe Institut - Big Bad Wolf Pictures will be hosting an international Short Film Festival through the company's initiative "Our City Film Project", which is a filmmakers collective comprising of young filmmakers from around the world.

Each year a theme is selected and short films (which embody the year's theme) are showcased in celebrating culture diversity, storytelling as well as celebrating young emerging filmmakers through the short films they make. This year the theme is "LGBT Films Across All Genres".

During this year's November screening, 53 LGBT shorts (of which 49 are national premieres in South Africa), all celebrating different aspects of this theme, will be showcased in a diverse programme spanning across multiple genres - Dramas, Comedies, Documentaries, Animations and Artist Films, including the world's first "Action Musical" - all within the short-film length format, ranging between short-shorts (sub-15 minutes) and long-shorts (15-30 minutes).

The 2017 Film Festival will feature 5 Competition Categories; Best Fiction Short, Best Documentary, Best Artistic Short and Best Animation which will be determined by a jury panel and the Audience Award voted by you. Big Bad Wolf Pictures aims to provide a social event for guests as we celebrate the best of LGBT films in 2017 and the stories shared by the amazing filmmakers who have put this all together.

The Festival's full programme is available online for download on the Our City Film Project website. The Facebook Events Page has also been recently launched.