Student Documentary to Screen on DSTV

17 Dec 2019 - 08:00


A third-year student documentary on technology and the fight against gender-based violence will screen on DSTV on Tuesday, 17 December. Tasneem Jacobs, Kelsey Maggot and Louise van den Bergh together produced the short documentary, "Pro(tech)ted", as part of their third-year senior research project for multimedia production. The documentary, which will screen at 8pm on Channel 263, features interviews with various producers and users of safety apps (such as Life360 and Namola) about the ways in which technology can help reduce crime and keep users, particularly women, safe. The students will also feature in a special interview about the making of the documentary. Congratulations to these students on a wonderful end-of-year achievement.

The documentary is available for viewing on YouTube: