Seminar: Analysis of socio-cultural relevancy and inclusivity of an “Afropolitan” University course

8 Oct 2018 - 11:00


Join us on Tuesday 9 October at 13:00 in AC Jordan 4A for a seminar by CFMS' Msakha Mona titled "Socio-cultural Relevancy and Inclusivity in Academic Development in an “Afropolitan” University: An analysis of DOH1009F at the University of Cape Town."

Abstract: A study into the possibility of a socio-cultural relevant university curriculum was undertaken. The study focused on a first year foundation course in the faculty of Humanities, Concepts in the Social Sciences (DOH1009F). The following underpinnings were problematised as relevant in curriculum development. These are; race, coloniality, canonical selection, and cultural capital. The study employed an analysis of the lecture sessions, the reading materials, class survey, as well as interviews.

The study found that DOH1009F stands as an example of a socio-culturally relevant curriculum. The choice of authors who make up the curriculum; the manner in which the course is positioned in South Africa’s local context; the multilingualism; and the cultural sensitivity, among other findings, qualify DOH1009F as a relevant and exemplary case study.

Throughout the study, race comes up as a problematic concept that influences the education process. The study therefore shows the limitation of race in transforming the curriculum, while also looking at how race is still used for positive discrimination in redressing past educational injustices.

Snacks will be served from 12H30 in the CFMS Staff room, AC Jordan 205.

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