Prof Haupt is Coordinating Editor of New Hip Hop Journal

29 Jul 2020 - 10:30




Professors Adam Haupt and J. Griffith Rollefson (University College Cork, Ireland) recently launched the debut issue of Global Hip Hop Studies, an interdisciplinary hip hop journal. The new journal brings together hip hop scholars, artists and activists from around the world to showcase hip hop art, activism and scholarship. Like the edited volume, Neva Again (Haupt, Williams, Jansen & Alim, eds.), Global Hip Hop Studies aims to break down hierarchical barriers scholarship, art and activism by placing the voices of artists and activists alongside those of scholars. It also aims to break down barriers between the Global North and Global South. The diverse editorial and advisory boards reflect these aims. The journal is the outcome of international colloquia and conferences where the editors met and exchanged ideas for further collaboration and exchange. Intellect is making the first issue available for free. See the journal’s website for further details:


The editorial team comprises:

Coordinating Editors

Adam Haupt
(University of Cape Town)
J. Griffith Rollefson
(University College Cork)


Murray Forman
(Northeastern University)
Karim Hammou
(French National Center for Scientific Research)
Bettina Love
(University of Georgia)
Sina Nitzsche
(Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

Book Reviews Editor

Kendra Salois
(American University, Washington)
Quentin Williams
(University of the Western Cape)

Media Review Editor

Monique Charles
(University of West London)
Justin D. Burton
(Rider University)

Dive-in-the-Archive Editors

Mark V. Campbell
(University of Toronto Scarborough)
Amy Coddington
(Amherst College)

In-the-CIPHER Editor

Adam 'Project Cee' de Paor-Evans
(University of Central Lancashire)