Our student film "Scarlet's Tale" screens at Wavescape Film Festival

12 Dec 2017 - 19:15


“The day I was attacked by a shark my life changed, for the better.”

Scarlet’s Tale is a documentary film that tells the incredible story of a bond between a man and Scarlet, the great white shark who took his leg. It’s a story about confronting society’s greatest fears, overcoming extreme adversity and changing perspectives. The film, created by CFMS third year film production course students Faine Loubser – Director; Trygve Heide – Director of Photography and Producer; and Khiraad Mathura – Editor and Sound; in cooperation with the featured Achmat Hassiem and their mentor Craig Foster, has been selected to screen at this year’s Wavescape Surf and Ocean Festival.

Having taken place for its 14th time, in Cape Town from 20 November to 10 December 2017, Wavescape was born of a love for surfing. The festival began as a way to capture the stoke and exhilaration of surfing through stories of exotic destinations and secret waves but has morphed beyond surf culture to the fight for a greener earth and bluer oceans.  “Each year our festival showcases amazing people, their acts of kindness, talents and genuine love for the ocean. This year we are particularly chuffed to have so many more women taking centre stage and dominating our line-up. Pollution and global warming affects us all and we are all able to help effect that change” Festival Director Shani Judes said.

As mentioned above, the filmed is based on the true story of Achmat Hassiem. “Achmat had high hopes. He had a budding sports career with dreams of representing South Africa, but this all changed 13th of August 2006 when he had his first meeting with Scarlet. During a routine lifesaving practice a 4.7m great white shark, was on a collision course with Achmat’s younger brother, Taariq. Achmat, who saw this, frantically started trying to draw the attention of the shark. It worked. But he had become the target. The shark grabbed his leg and started pulling him down, dragging him further and further away from any form of help and hope. Little did Achmat know that this meeting with a 4.7m female shark named Scarlet would be the beginning of an 11-year bond.”

Achmat is a South African Paralympic medalist who currently advises countries around the world on marine and shark conservation. He recently visited the Bahamas to meet with their Prime Minister to discuss the signing of new shark protection laws.

For more information on Scarlet’s Tale or the Wavescape Film Festival, visit their website, #WavescapeFestival, Twitter: @WavescapeSA, Instagram: @WavescapeSA, or Facebook: /WavescapeFestival.