Christia Visser and Meg Rickards feature at Tess screening

9 Jun 2017 - 16:15


On Wednesday 31 May, the UCT Connoisseur Society, in collaboration with the Centre for Film and Media Studies, was honoured to host an exclusive screening of the acclaimed local feature film Tess. The screening was attended by its director Meg Rickards, lead actress Christia Visser, and an audience of more than 50 intrigued students, friends and local filmmakers.

The local and international publicity schedule Meg and Christia have had to continue to adequately promote the film, lent this informal campus event an air of tired but generous conversational intimacy. Its disturbing themes and visuals (including rape, violence, and child abuse) provoked dozens of questions ranging across the spectrum of cinematic concern. No detail seemed to go unmentioned or undebated; from the merits of diverse camera equipment to the representational dilemmas of white filmmakers potentially appropriating black stories, to the particular perks of filming on home turf in Muizenberg. Meg and Christia admirably matched their audience’s engagement through every new inquiry.

Compensating for many unfortunate event delays this semester, Connoisseur’s hosting on the night garnered consensus that such creator-audience confrontations should be far more common among the Humanities community. Writer Lauren Beukes and documentarian Riaan Hendricks are set to present their most recent work at similar event in the coming weeks.

All images in this article were sourced from the Tess Facebook page. Watch the trailer here.