CFMS Masters student Vanessa Clark on Maggs on Media for her fake news research

2 Nov 2017 - 09:15


CFMS Masters student Vanessa Clark was interviewed on Maggs on Media this week for her research on fake news. Maggs on Media is a weekly digest of media issues and topical advertising, broadcast on eNCA. Jeremy Maggs, host of Maggs on Media, and his team got in touch with Vanessa after her Daily Maverick article was published.

One of the key messages that Vanessa gets across is that fake news publications are popular because they satisfy their audiences' concerns and interests, and might be able to indicate to traditional media where they are failing their readers. The content may be false or written with a misleading angle, but the fact that people are drawn to the articles, says something about the audience's needs.

 Vanessa is a freelance ICT journalist, currently also working on her Masters in Media Theory and Practice at UCT’s Centre for Film and Media Studies, with a research focus on fake news.