Can a film change the way Americans talk about Africa?

27 Jul 2018 - 08:45


On Tuesday 31 July, CFMS will be hosting Duke University's Associate Professor Kathryn Mathers for a seminar titled "Can a film change the way Americans talk about Africa?" at 13:00 in AC Jordan 4A.

In U.S. media and pop culture, Africans remain objects of pity, moral outrage or fascination. Images reach us faster today than ever, through Facebook, twitter, “voluntourism” dispatches, and branded social causes. These images of Africans make Americans feel like good, caring people who can make a difference, but at a cost. Africans are still represented as helpless, hopeless and without any ideas about how to change their own societies.

Kathryn Mathers, co-producer of the film FRAMED will speak about how this film sets out to challenge viewers to rethink the framing of Africa in crisis, listen to African experiences and perspectives; and explore how “saving” ultimately undermines the agency and self-determination of Africans, making us complicit in creating the same inequalities we hope to erase.

Bio: Kathryn Mathers is Associate Professor of the Practice in International Comparative Studies and Cultural Anthropology, Duke University and author of the book Travel, Humanitarianism and Becoming American in Africa.

Snacks will be served from 12h30 in the CFMS Staff Room, AC Jordan 205.