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Lauren Vorster

Alumni Profile: Lauren Vorster


Lauren a resourceful and determined alumni retells her experience completing her honours degree in Media Theory and Practice and finding her passion:

“I struggled badly with mental illness throughout my final year and honours degree. I was diagnosed with narcolepsy and suffered depression and severe anxiety as a result. Today I work closely with others struggling with mental illness, often in conjunction with addiction problems – a phenomenon so prevalent in those struggling with these types of illnesses. I am passionate about sharing the message of my recovery, my life after the diagnosis, and helping others every day to reach their full potential in whatever way possible. I live for these experiences and it is something I will be fighting for my whole life. I hope to one day build on my psychology undergraduate degree and do a counselling component to it so that I can take this passion even further.”

Lauren is currently employed at Go2Africa, an African travel tour operator based in Cape Town which tailor makes luxury holidays to Southern and East Africa. She has worked there since February 2017 after her honours year. She is an  Africa Travel Expert, and she specialises specifically with crafting tours to South Africa, Victoria Falls and Botswana. She also spent four months interning at Edward Snell & Co, a liquor manufacturer and distribution company. There, she worked in the marketing department. Lauren believes that getting into the Graduate Travel Program at Go2Africa kickstarted her career in travel. Lauren states how her focus on print production taught her “the skills of marketing and brand management, photography, design, writing for various audiences and then extended this knowledge in my Honours degree with brand management and communication”. She advises incoming students to “Make the most of your time at UCT. Use your resources, reach out to your lecturers and tutors. I still keep in contact with some of mine. There are honestly infinite possibilities for you and your future if you use what is so readily available. And have FUN, make MEMORIES, go out and literally make the world your oyster – craft your life into something beyond your wildest imagination”.

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