Honours Academic Screening

6 Nov 2018 - 15:45


On Friday 26 October 2018, Three Honours CFMS film productions were screened at the New Lecture Theatre, UCT Upper Campus.

Fall into the Sky is an expressive short documentary that experiments with mixed media methods and hybrid modes in its examination of colourism, afrophobia and xenophobia in South Africa. With a grounding in principles of feminist action research, which emphasise praxis, reflexivity and positionality, the film examines the multiplex dimensions of the phenomena. It aims to deepen conversations about colourism, afrophobia and xenophobia through the perspectives of outspoken black women, coloured women and women of colour including scholars & performers.

Tidal follows Lisa Beasley’s journey after a horrific BASE jumping accident encourages her to return to the ocean. Lisa’s journey begins with a childhood love of water and sea life. This obsession continues until it is eclipsed by her growing infatuation with skydiving and then BASE jumping. As her jump numbers increase, so too do the risks, until one jump changes everything. After opening her chute too early, Lisa has to endure the horror of being swung into the mountain face repeatedly on her long way down to the ground. Lucky to have survived she must now face an immense recovery period that brings her closer to her mother as well as her first love: the sea. Lisa’s struggle to find an exercise she can handle leads her to discover the beauty of the Cape Town ocean spaces. The tidal pools, in particular, have become very meaningful to Lisa’s recovery, and she must now work to protect them from the harmful historical cleaning protocols that kill the marine life she has come to love. As communities begin to form, education on the topic of marine protection increases and Lisa is able to protect those spaces.


It was written focuses on a series of poetry recitals by Matimu Rikhotso - poetry strongly influenced by his life as a young Black creative, and his reflections on identity and struggle. This documentary chronicles how his love for poetry and writing helps him understand and process his evolving identity, and ultimately helps him write his way through much oh his inner turmoil. 


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