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Dr Alexia Smit

Senior Lecturer of Television Studies

Alexia Smit was one of the first undergraduate students to undertake her degree in the, then, newly-formed CFMS department. She undertook both her Honours and Masters degrees at UCT before going abroad for her PhD. Alexia has just completed a PhD in Television Studies at the University of Glasgow.

Her current research is concerned with affect and visceral displays of the body on contemporary British and American television. She is primarily interested in television aesthetics across a range of television genres and formats.

She has also done research on affect and realism in American Independent Cinema focussing specifically on the work of Harmony Korine.

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2014: Smit, Alexia. "Care, Shame, and Intimacy: Reconsidering the Pleasures of Plastic Surgery Reality Television." Camera Obscura: Feminism, Culture, and Media Studies 29.2(86): 59-83.
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2013: Smit, Alexia. "Visual Effects and Visceral Affect: ‘Tele-Affectivity’ and the Intensified Intimacy of Contemporary Television." Critical Studies in Television: The International Journal of Television Studies 8(3): 92-107.
2012: Smit, Alexia. "Engaging the senses: Dirt, food and the home." Short Film Studies 3(1): 89-92.

She is interested in supervising projects on African television content, reality television, feminist television criticism, theories of affect and embodiment, and transnational satellite television.

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(021) 650 5333