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Emerita Associate Professor Lesley Marx

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Lesley used to look  up at “Moscow on the Hill” as her dad drove her to school every morning, and dream of how wonderful it would be to study at what her High School Latin teacher called “that august institution.”

And study at UCT she did—as a student in the seventies, and as a teacher from the eighties until the year of the plague, 2020, when the laws of the land decreed she had now served her turn and had nothing left to learn. Of course, as a teacher she also tried to impart what she had learned to many, many students who were her raison d’être. Here’s a fun blast from the past that says it all:

She served as head of the English Department, Deputy Dean in the new Faculty of Humanities and Founding Director of the Centre for Film and Media Studies. She taught literature (novels, poetry, plays—mostly American) and film studies (all sorts). She also wrote across a variety of topics, much of which can be seen on her pretty website:

Health, happiness and au revoir to everyone who may have known me.

In the immortal words of the devil who wears Prada, “That’s all.”