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A/Prof Tanja Bosch

Associate Professor of Media Studies and production

A/Prof Tanja Bosch completed her undergraduate studies in English and History (BA, Hons) at the University of Cape Town, before working in the local film and community radio sectors. She completed her MA in International Affairs with a specialisation in Communication and Development Studies while a Fulbright Scholar at Ohio University, where she also graduated with a PhD in Telecommunications. Her PhD dissertation was awarded the US based Broadcast Educational Association (BEA) Outstanding Dissertation Award in 2004.

Bosch is former Programme Manager and Station Manager of local community radio station Bush Radio, and has also worked as a consultant for UNESCO community radio stations in Jamaica and Trinidad; and as consultant and trainer for various South African community radio stations and NGOs. She currently serves on the board of Fine Music Radio 101.3FM where she also presents a World Music programme.

Bosch conducts research and has published in the following areas: community radio, talk radio and citizenship, health communication, youth and mobile media, identity and social networking. She holds a C National Research Foundation (NRF) rating and is currently involved in several collaborative international research projects including the EU funded Media, Conflict and Democratisation project (

Selected Recent Publications:

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  • Bosch, T. 2018. (forthcoming). Educational Radio. In The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Mass Media and Society. (accepted)

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