Undergraduate Courses

FAM1001F Media & Society

(NOTE: This course may also be offered in Summer/Winter Term.)

NQF credits: 18 at HEQSF level 5


Associate Prof. Wallace Chuma

Entrance requirements


Course outline

This course examines the importance of the mass media in modern society and questions the roles that the media play in public life. We look conceptually at how meanings are constructed, using semiotic concepts to interrogate the relationship between audiences, media texts, technology and society. Debates around media effects and media ethics are also explored in the course. In addition to discussing theoretical media debates, the course also introduces students to a diverse range of writing styles for multiple media platforms such as newspapers, television and the Internet.

Lecture times

First-year, first-semester course, two lectures, screenings, two tutorials per week

Lectures: 6th period, Wednesday and Thursday; Screening: 6th and 7th periods, Friday; weekly tutorials.

DP requirements

All written work must be submitted by the stipulated dates. Students who miss more than two tutorials will lose their DPs.


Two-and-a-quarter-hour examination 30%, writing exercises 35%, media analysis 35%.