Postgraduate Courses

FAM4007F Narrative Literary Journalism

NQF credits: 24 at HEQSF level 8.

Course convener

Dr Martha Evans

Entrance requirements

Acceptance for an Honours programme and permission of the convener.

Course outline

This course is a theoretical and creative exploration of the practice of narrative literary journalism. Its aim is to explore the features of the genre, to introduce students to a range of quality writing, both global and local, and to develop their literary and journalistic writing skills. One part of the course will involve an intensive programme of reading and discussion during which students will read a range of narrative literary journalism as well as writing on the genre; the other part of the course will involve writing a series of interlinked features in a narrative literary style. Students are required to produce, along with other exercises, a formal analytical essay, a writer’s notebook, and a major journalism project employing literary journalism techniques.

DP requirements

Attendance at all classes; punctual submission of all written work.


Essay 25%, writer’s notebook 20%, writing exercise 15%, and final journalism project 40%.