Postgraduate Courses

FAM4000W Video Project

HEQSF credits: 30 at level 8

Course convener

Dr Julia Cain 

Entrance requirements

Acceptance for an Honours programme.

Course outline

A group of 3-5 students work under supervision to make a 24-30-minute documentary on a topic (either historical or contemporary) to be negotiated with the programme committee. In addition to the group marks, various steps of the preparation, production and post-production will be subject to individual assessment (including a concept pitch, research-based preparation oral and the performance of production roles). Each student must also engage critically with the documentary in a 3,000 word research essay on a topic chosen in consultation with the course convener.

DP requirements

Attendance at all scheduled consultations; workshops, pitches, screenings and viewings; punctual submission of all deliverables.


Concept pitch (individual) 5%; Treatment pitch (individual) 15%; Script and production file (group) 10%; Deliverables (group) 10%; Final film (group) 25%; Role of film (individual) 20%; Essay (individual) 15%.