Film & Media Production Programme Courses

FAM3019S Multimedia Production III

NQF credits: 30 at HEQSF level 7

Third-year, second-semester course


Dr. Martha Evans

Entrance requirements

As for admission to Film and Media Production Programme

Course outline

Using the skills acquired in Production I and II and elsewhere, students will work with supervisors to research, conceptualise, propose and create a cohesive body of creative production work on an approved topic and in a chosen format. Students may choose to work with a client to produce a range of related media materials to meet their communication needs. The creative project must be accompanied by a theoretical justification and reflection on the process.

DP requirements

Attendance of all sessions and submission of all work required for DP.


During this semester 50% of the course grade is made up of the media practical project, which is accompanied by a reflective essay detailing production choices. The remaining 50% of the course mark is made up of an online portfolio where students will post a multimedia news report.