Film & Media Production Programme Courses

FAM2014S Screen Production I

NQF credits: 24 at HEQSF level 6.

Second-year, second-semester course, weekly workshops and lab sessions.


Dr. Liani Maasdorp

Entrance requirements:

As for admission to Film and Media Production Programme.

Course outline:

The goal of this course is to create a foundation of conceptual and practical skills for moving picture production. Conceptual skills will be discussed during theory lectures. From time to time students will be required to complete reading in preparation for a theory class. Technical Skills Modules have been designed to expose students to practical filmmaking skills. They will focus predominantly on camera, editing and sound (recording and mixing). These skills will be expanded on in FAM3016F (semester one, third year) and synthesised though the production of a short film, a Senior research Project (SRP), in the second semester of the third year.

Lecture times:

Four lecture periods per week (two workshops) and compulsory screening during 4th and 5th periods, Monday – Thursday. Self-paced lab time and group work.

DP requirements:

Full attendance and submission of all classwork.


100% coursework (including practical, theoretical, individual and group work).