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A 3rd year student film, Into Us and Ours, directed by Jessie Zinn, has won the Best International Short Film award at Ivy International Film Festival (US), and selected for the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner (France).
An agreement that will give students the opportunity to study a twinned MA degree in Global Media at UCT and at the London School of Economics & Political Science, has just been signed. The first intake for the twinned degree will be in 2017.
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Congratulations to Anneke Botha, graduate from the Centre for Film and Media Studies, on her special mention during the 2016 Oscar ceremony for her work on the multi-award winning Mad Max: Fury Road!
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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Students will have access to experts in new technology, global media, international telecommunications and media studies. As a professional with a global perspective, the twinned degree is aimed at equipping students with the knowledge required to play a powerful role in redefining the way the world communicates.

Publication Date:
Friday, July 1, 2016 - 13:00

Jenna Brayton recalls how former President Bush did not make it a priority, even in 2008, to use emails or take the internet and its audiences very seriously. Brayton and her team aimed to change this when President Obama came into office.

Publication Date:
Sunday, August 14, 2016 - 10:45

Jessie Zinn and Katherine Werge spoke to the CFMS department on their short film, Into Us and Ours, and the experience of Cannes International Film Festival.

Publication Date:
Tuesday, August 2, 2016 - 11:15

Are you a postgraduate student or university lecturer in film, television, media, journalism, communications or a related field at an African university? Are you interested in the dynamic fields of documentary filmyouth media and community engagement? Do you want to practice engaged scholarship that directly benefits the communities you work in through the production of original stories and media products? Then you should apply for the seven-week long African Filmmaking Fellowship hosted by the Centre for Film and Media Studies at the University of Cape Town.

Publication Date:
Tuesday, August 2, 2016 - 11:00